Jenny Guilford is a christian, composer, writer & teacher from Australia. Co-founder of the (In)Equal Temperament Project, she is passionate about redesigning her own understanding around sound, music and decolonisation. A lover of stories, unusually named fruit (mangosteen, anyone?) and functional teapots, she is learning to brave sharing her thoughts with the wider world. On this website you will find her blog, other words she has written, music she has composed, and anything else she fancies turning her hand to. If you’re interested in working with her, just fill out the form below!

Find her music here.

Find her blog here.

Find her poetry and short stories here.

some uninspiring thoughts

Antique: something that has been useless for so long it’s still in pretty good condition.

A Cynic’s Dictionary

I was searching for a fool when I found you.

William Shakespeare

I shall not scold you. I leave you to your own reflections.

Jane Austen

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